Sunsets and Seniors

I set out to do a senior portrait the other day with the lovely Alyssa. She had actually just helped me shoot an engagement series, and the whole time I told her she’d be getting the best light if we waited. Under a perfectly clear sky, we picked out a nice location and then just waited out the sun. When it was still bright, I had a bit of difficulty autofocusing on her, so I switched to manual focus. I’m pretty much blind, but I thought I was doing ok, until I showed her some previews and she promptly replied with, “That’s blurry.” Yikes, she was right! By then, the contrast of the sun had subsided, and autofocus had no trouble locking on, but I had to hustle to capture as much as I’d missed before we lost the afterglow entirely. But we were pretty pleased with the end result.

Tech: Canon 7D Mark II; Sigma 17-50 f2.8 @28mm, f3.5; 1/250, ISO 125; Canon 580 EXII; Canon 430 EXII.


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